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Never waste a good crisis Churchill said, and Mariana Caldes opened her own DMC in the midst of a pandemic. She backed the renowned travel agency AMV Travel and she introduced them to international groups coming to discover the splendour of Argentina. 

She took me on an exploration of her country, via Buenos Aires to El Calafate, and I thought... this just booms, this woman just has it. Her programme was razor thin, her suppliers wear her on their hands, she is loved by all, and the trip was laced with the little touches that just complete an incentive. If you want to give your client goose-bump moments, work with Mariana Caldes. She will show you every corner of Argentina, from Iguazu Falls, to the vineyards in Mendoza, to ice walks in El Calafate. I hope you get to do at least one project with her within your career.

We are working on the sample program for this destination.


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