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Fam Trips

Dear Travel Enthusiast,


Every year, we team up with our local DMCs to organize study trips, giving you the chance to discover incredible destinations. We're here to help you learn about new places so you can return bursting with inspiration to share with your clients. On-site, you'll get to know the DMC team, their methods, and their creativity. You'll join in on a bunch of fun and sometimes once-in-a-lifetime activities and visit fascinating hotels. Plus, there will be a few surprises along the way, just like the ones your clients might love, ensuring a successful adventure.


Below, you'll find an overview of our upcoming trips. We'd love to know which ones catch your eye. In other words, which destinations do you want to become our destination ambassador for? After these trips, you'll be a true expert on the destination. Let us know what tools you'll need to promote the destination even better to your clients when you get back.

Happy Travels!

Ready to join the fun? Fill out the fields below and let's make some memories! 🌍

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