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Hundreds of waterfalls, mountain canyons, bubbling geysers and dozens of active volcanoes await you on this island. Conquer glaciers and cross mountain rivers in powerful super-jeeps, take a helicopter to fly over the endless Martian expanses of Iceland, ride speedboat along icebergs or sea giants — whales, chill out in hot springs under the endless arctic skies watching the northern lights, or descend into underground caves like Jules Verne's hero. Sample traditional Icelandic cuisine at a farm in the wilderness of the island or visit the ultra-modern Michelin star restaurant in the capital of Reykjavik. Listen to the language once spoken by the Vikings, and now spoken by their descenders — Icelanders. Explore the history of this island from settlement to the modern days, when Icelanders subject the energy of the earth, the sun and water, and live in harmony with nature.

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