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Thousands of mountain trails and peaks from which you will observe magical fjords and majestic mountain ranges, hundreds of sea bays with turquoise water and dozens of deep waterfalls. Conquer the world’s most famous rocks, Preikestolen and Trolltunga, or stroll through historic cities that have preserved for us monuments from the times of the Vikings and the Hanseatic League. Cool off by the waterfall while kayaking the fjord under the midnight northern sun or challenge yourself by looking for the Northern Lights cruising on a high-speed snowmobile. Take a yacht voyage along the cliffs or idyllic apple orchards on the fjords' bank, fish for trophy halibut on the shores of Nordakapp, Europe’s northernmost point.
Sample the freshest cheese and homemade delicacies at fjord farm or enjoy fine dining at Oslo and Bergen restaurants. Get inspired by the pristine nature of the Lofoten Islands; - watch pods of whales, whirlpools, mesmerizing mountain ranges and gorges, harmoniously neighbouring to ancient fishing villages, sustaining centuries-old fishing tradition. You will find all this in Norway, multifaceted and unpredictable, modern, and preserving tradition.

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