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Where to begin. This destination gets under your skin. This is not a once-in-a-lifetime destination, here you will make friendships with people you will want to revisit soon after your trip. CTA is an agency run by Awa Sow. Together with her, her drive, her passion for her country, her connections with local partners and her sense of style and aesthetics create a colourful programme with emotional impact. This is where the word team building takes on a new meaning.


A team is formed by your group together with the locals. Together with the village women you carry water on your head, together with the drummers you dance under the baobab trees, together with the schoolchildren you play a football match by the setting sun, she decorates your party table with the most colourful local fabrics. Awa has created her own tented camp, will you stay on the shores of Lac Rose or in the middle of the desert. She will let you dream away in her luxurious Mauretan tented camp.

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