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Croatia will surely impress you with its beautiful coastline and thousands of islands, with its heavenly beaches, picturesque towns, cultural diversity and exceptional venues. Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik are country’s main points for incentives and meetings with rich history, unique atmosphere and renowned elegance. With international airports they are all very well connected to Europe and the rest of the world. The entire old town centres of Dubrovnik and Split are museums and they have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for several decades. Dubrovnik's 1940-metre-long medieval walls surrounding the old historic core are a recognisable symbol of the city and have appeared in many internationally famous films. It is also known for luxury hotels, large conference facilities and unique historic venues. Diocletian's palace is the symbol of Split, the second biggest city in Croatia. Besides the variaty of activities on shore, Split is a departure point to visit the nearby islands, among which also the famous Hvar island.  It is also known for a very lively night live.

Bear On the Beach or shortly BOB, is a DMC, that offers its services in Slovenia and Croatia in Central Europe. Its name was inspired by special and unique characteristics of both destinations, but we also wanted to make it fun and easy to remember. Our proposals are based on local knowledge and experience. We work together with our clients at all stages, we do not offer impossible, but we always look for the best possible solutions. Reactivity, transparency, efficiency, reliability, and professionalism are the words that describe the best how we work and what we believe in.  

We are currently working on a sample program.
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