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Four years after starting Iris Mertens - Destination Promotion, I was on the train to Paris. I had an appointment with Pascal Roulland, the inspirer and founder of Nacara DM. I had coffee with a young entrepreneur starting a business in Paris, an elegant man full of dreams. He has a clear vision of the creative journey in his country. Tuk-tuks in Paris? Mais ce n'est quand même pas typiquement Parisien? He prefers to open doors to unknown places, those hidden gems you would never visit as a city slicker. A few years after he set up, Nacara DM took over the well-established Holt DMC. And during a pandemic, he opened his second office in Nice.

Your client wants to go to Paris, Bordeaux, Champagne, Nice or Marseille? Nacara DM will guide you to all the top addresses their destinations have to offer.

Check out our sample programs for this destination.
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