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My trip to Tanzania is one of the most memorable trips I have ever made. Arriving at a hotel after a long day-trip where a family of elephants is drinking from a pond and leaving with lions playing in the garden, that will make you week.

Expect a bumpy ride, literally then. You'll jolt and thunder along the roads and the drivers will welcome you with a big smile each morning for an 'African Massage'. And hop, off we go. We trek via the Ngorogoro Crater, through a real Massia village and on to the Serengeti. What you see there is incredible. An abundance of wildlife. After day two, you will ignore the zebras. They are there in the wild like our cows are grazing in the fields. After spotting eight lions, our search for leopards begins. They hide in the trees. If you see a swinging branch, you can be sure it is a tail of this shy animal.

Tanzania is a country that makes you want to go back. It creeps up on you and never lets go.

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